Homes For Sale in Universal City, TX

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Universal City

A great Bexar County and Guadalupe County location, Universal City, has a large town population of 18,650 residents. It is located 15 miles northeast of San Antonio and is right next to the Randolph Air Force Base. Its land takes up almost 6 square miles, without any natural bodies of water. Universal City is a fairly diverse town with almost a third of its nearly 8,000 households including children. Half of the population is made up of married couples.

Universal City is in the Judson and Schertz Cibolo Universal City Independent School Districts. There are a number of elementary schools, junior high schools, and senior high schools to choose from, many of which are considered top notch. The area is extremely safe when it comes to crime, and there is a lovely Universal City Public Library that residents can enjoy.

The average value of homes in Universal City is $242,171, and the average household income is $70,356. Universal City is a lovely place to buy a home and live with your family while still being a quick jaunt away from the big city of San Antonio.

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