Homes For Sale in Timberwood Park, TX

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Timberwood Park

Timberwood Park is located within Bexar County and had the population of 16,412 residents in July of 2015. Next to Timberwood Park (on its eastern side) is the highly useful US Route 281. It borders San Antonio on its southern end, and Cibolo Creek on its northern side forms the border between Bexar County and Comal County. San Antonio is easy to access with a drive of 22 miles down US Route 281. Timberwood Park is 12.7 square miles in size.

Timberwood Park’s population has grown significantly in the last 15 years. In 2015, it had just 5,889 people and has now increased in population dramatically. Most of this population is made up of families, and the average value of a home in Timberwood Park is $402,722.

It is home to its own elementary school, called Timberwood Park Elementary School, along many other middle and high schools to choose from. Of course, if you would rather your children attended schools elsewhere, San Antonio itself has dozens you could consider – it is just a quick drive away, after all. Take a closer look at Timberwood Park to see if it is right for your new home location.

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