Homes For Sale in Seguin, TX

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Seguin is the seat of the county of Guadalupe in Texas. It is predictably a larger city than some of the surrounding ones, reaching populations of around 26,490. It is also one of the oldest places in Texas, period. It came into existence only a year and a half after the Texas Revolution. The Texas Rangers were here, including Captain Jack Hays himself. It also has a large number of 19th-century concrete buildings in the town – one of the highest concentrations in the entire United States. The average value of homes in Seguin is $169,605, with the average household income being $53,064.

Seguin has a higher diversity rating than its smaller surrounding cities as well. The Seguin Independent School District serves the city of Seguin, and that means there are roughly 8,000 students in all the fourteen Seguin schools. It is also home to Texas Lutheran University, a small college of just 1,400 students. This college is ranked extremely high when compared to other Best West Regional universities. Seguin also houses the Guadalupe Regional Medical Center, which is one of the best and most up to date hospitals in Central Texas.

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