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Saint Hedwig

Saint Hedwig is located in Bexar County in Texas, along with San Antonio. It is a part of the larger metro area of San Antonio, but it has a smaller population of only 2,188. With a land area of nearly 30 square miles, Saint Hedwig is not densely populated at all. If you’re looking for an area with plenty of land and not as many people, Saint Hedwig may be the way to go.

Saint Hedwig was founded in 1852 by John Demmer, with its first residents coming mostly from Poland and Germany. Like many settlements, its first structure was a Catholic church, and shortly after that a post office was opening in Saint Hill. It used to be called Cottage Hill but was renamed before 1868. It is low in its diversity rating now, and 88% of the population are part of a family in Saint Hedwig.

The average value of a home in Saint Hedwig is $253,805. The average household income of Saint Hedwig households is $82,085. Saint Hedwig is therefore populated mostly with fairly well off families. It is a nice, quiet place that is near to the happening, lively town of San Antonio while still serving as a peaceful oasis from so much city life.

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