Relocating to San Antonio

Relocating to San Antonio

Moving to San Antonio is one of the greatest decisions you could make, and my staff and I are excited to help you feel at home here in the Alamo City.

Our city of about one million people is incredibly diverse, with a large Hispanic community and all the great food and cultural events that go along with that heritage. We have all the amenities of a large city, with sports teams, historical sites – including the Alamo! – and great shopping, while retaining the friendliness of a small town. Our unique downtown Riverwalk is lined with shops and restaurants that entice locals and tourists alike.

San Antonio’s average temperature ranges from 50 degrees in January to 90 degrees in the summer months, with only about twenty days per year with below-freezing temperatures. Measurable snowfall only occurs about once a decade and the city experiences an average annual rainfall of 28 inches. People who hate the cold love it here! Additionally, San Antonio is located far from both the Gulf Coast’s hurricanes and North Texas’ “Tornado Alley,” keeping it safe from extreme weather.

At My Texas Homes, you’ll find great resources, all with extensive knowledge of San Antonio and the greater metro area. Our broad knowledge of the city can help you find the right neighborhood, taking into account schools, commute time, and the lifestyle that you want in your new home. We can help you find a community that is in your budget and includes all the amenities you desire. We can even help you locate great schools, whether public or private, for the kids.

I love living in San Antonio and believe it is one of the greatest places to live in the country. I’ve been working in real estate for more than ten years, and I have the expertise to help guide you through what, at many times, is quite overwhelming. My staff and I are always available for any questions you have about Texas. Additionally, we can help meet you at the airport, give tours around the city to get a feel for the different neighborhoods, or book a hotel for your first nights in town. I have extensive knowledge about the greater San Antonio area, including the Wildhorse, Alamo Heights, and Shavano Park neighborhoods; that can help you make the right choice for your family. When you are making the decision about where your family will live for years, professional advice is incredibly useful.

Relocation services like the ones we provide are invaluable for a newcomer to a city. They ensure that you always have someone to go to with questions, even if they are just about setting up the utilities in your new home. We don’t just help with buying your new San Antonio home; we also help you begin a new life in it.

This is what we do.In fact, we’ve helped lots of families relocate to San Antonio in terms of the home buying process and being a guide to the city, but we also help with the moving process as well. Need a plan? We can provide a checklist of all the things you need to do in order to be ready for your big move. Whether you’re coming from across the state or across an ocean, we are here to help. It can be challenging to buy a home in an unfamiliar city, but by working with My Texas Homes, your experience will be not only easier but also pleasant.