Homes For Sale in Pleasanton, TX

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Pleasanton is within the San Antonio – New Braunfels larger metro area, and it is located in Atascosa County in Texas. Within the city limits of Pleasanton, more than 9,400 residents currently live. The area of Pleasanton is approximately 7.83 square miles.

It has the official motto of “The City of Live Oaks and Friendly Folks” and culturally acknowledges the cowboy. There is a “Mr. Cowboy” sculpture sitting in front of the Pleasanton city hall building, for instance. It also is well known for its giant oak tree that shade the downtown area of Pleasanton. Atascosa County claims it is “the birthplace of the cowboys.” It is sometimes referred to as “Pleasantown,” describing the vibe of this location well. Pleasanton has several events that commemorate its interesting history, such as the Cowboy Homecoming, which has been a yearly tradition for sixty years.

Pleasanton is located near the mouth of Bonita Creek, which is why this particular location was chosen. The average income of a household in Pleasanton is $64,494. The average value of a home in Pleasanton is $229,284. At 82%, Pleasanton has a lower percentage of population within families than some of the surrounding cities.

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