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Pipe Creek

Pipe Creek is considered a populated place or an unincorporated community. It is within the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area, but it is extremely small population wise. In 1990, it had the population of just 66 people, and it still hasn’t gained enough in population to be considered a city.

Pipe Creek basically started as a post office, which was of course named “Pipe Creek.” It opened in 1873, and ever since then the community around it was always called Pipe Creek as well. Pipe Creek is served by the Bandera Independent School District. This school district has both public and private schools. The four schools you can choose from are Bandera High School, Bandera Middle School, Alkek Elementary School, and Hill County Elementary School. Other cities in this district include Lakehills, Bandera Falls, and Tarpley. This district is recognized by the Texas Education Agency.

Pipe Creek real estate can range in price from $149,000 to $999,999, so the price you are going to pay all depends on what exactly you are looking for. We have numerous services that can help you find a home to buy, or even to sell your own home. To get more detailed information about the market, simply ask for a Comparative Market Analysis.

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