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La Vernia

The city is located in Wilson County and is part of the San Antonio Metropolitan Area. It was first inhabited by indigenous American Indians and later by nomadic bands that migrated to Texas in the 17th century. Downtown San Antonio is just 30 minutes away. La Vernia is 489 feet above sea level and has a total area of 1.9 square miles. It has a population of 1,137, which is expected to grow by 1.9% each year through 2020. The split between females and males was around 100 women for 82 men. The history and development of the city can be found at the Heritage Museum. Sports are big in this town. For example, St Ann’s C.Y.O. offers sports such as soccer, volleyball, flag football, track, basketball, baseball, and softball. If you have a family that is actively involved in sports, this is the town for you.

La Vernia Independent School District handles the public education of about 4 thousand students, which is roughly about four times the population of the city itself. The city’s Christian Teaching Center provides private school education. The crime rate is low compared to surrounding cities. There are 451 households with an average family size of 3 and an average home value of $327,965. The average household income as of July 1, 2015, was $88,748.

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