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China Grove

On the far eastern side of San Antonio, only about 12 miles from downtown, China Grove is home to 1200 people on 4.1 square miles of land. It is considered a suburb of the city, and many people commute downtown every day.

In 1973, China Grove became famous for being the name of a hit song by The Doobie Brothers. However, the song is mostly a fictionalized version of the town, including the lyrics about samurai. Who could resist the catchy lyrics of: “But every day there’s a new thing comin’/The ways of an oriental view/The sheriff and his buddies/With their samurai swords.” The song portrays China Grove as a sort of Chinatown in Texas, but this is not an accurate way to think of the culture. Don’t be surprised when you show up and don’t hear a single person speaking Mandarin!

China Grove is truly a wonderful place to live. There is an excellent educational system, and it is serviced by all of the public utilities of the city of San Antonio. It also has its own newspaper, the Wilson County News. The population here may be small, but it is surrounded by the rest of the large city, so you will never lack for things to do.

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