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In 1844, Henri Castro brought dozens of European families to populate his land grant, the area that is now Castroville. The town was a water stop along the San Antonio – El Paso Road as well as a stagecoach station along the mail line. The town flourished, along with its surrounding farms. Until 1893, it was the county seat of Medina County. It remained very insular for the first century – in fact, a visitor would be more likely to hear a variant of German in Castroville than English.

However, these days the San Antonio suburbs are encroaching on the town, which has been made into a national historic district to preserve the unique architecture of the original shops and homes.

The town is located along the Medina River, a popular place for residents to wade or swim. It is only 25 miles west of San Antonio. There are about 3,000 people who live in town, divided into 950 households. Only 37% of those households had children under the age of 18 living in them.

The unique historical atmosphere of Castroville and European vibe means that Castroville is a very unusual place to live within Texas. While few residents still speak German, the culture is still noticeable.

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