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Canyon Lake

Beautiful Canyon Lake is adjacent to the lake it gets its name from, about 40 miles northeast of San Antonio. The lake is an 8,230 acre reservoir along the Guadalupe River. There are eight parks surrounding the lake for camping, boating, fishing and swimming. There are also hiking, equestrian trails, and biking, as well as some archery options.

The area has a population of 21,000, split among some small, unincorporated communities. Only about 27% of households are home to children under the age of 18 while 62% are married couples living together.

Living on the shores of Canyon Lake can be a dream come through. Coffee on the patio is a lovely way to start off each day, followed by a hike along the shores and perhaps a sail in the later part of the day. The lake is the heart of the community, where children learn to swim, and couples spend time picnicking and meeting new friends on summer evenings.

Canyon Lake is a lovely community for anyone who lives an outdoor lifestyle. No matter what your hobby, you can enjoy it around the lake, especially with the hot summers and mild winters that allow you to be around the water year-round.

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